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Budapest Travel guide :The Danube Experience

Hi to everyone again,
This time we are going to see and travel together to one of the most beautiful and scenic cities of Europe which name is Budapest.
As it is known, more and more people every year visit Budapest and they are all charmed by her grace. The capital of Hungary, Budapest, is overrun by in love couples, families and friends.

Our trip came true during the early days of august and more preciously from 5 till 9 august of 2016.I have to mention that our return was planned through Bratislava, so we had to see 2 different cities in 5 days. Maybe some of you, you are going to consider that 5 days are not enough to explore 2 countries, but I think with a well-made program you can achieve this challenge. As far as this trip is concerned, the whole program included 3 overnights in Budapest in a central hotel (Atlas city hotel) near the metro station and 1 overnight in a beautiful flat in Bratislava near the shores of Danube river. The cost of the airplane tickets was around 70 euro per person and the bus ticket from Budapest to Bratislava cost only 7 euro. To be more exact the whole cost was around 170 euro per person and the reservation was made only 1,5 month before the trip.

On the 5th of august we took off at 5 o ‘clock in the afternoon from Athens International Airport and after two hours of flight we arrived at Budapest’s airport. From there we took the bus with the number 200E which took us to the nearest metro station of line 3. I totally recommend the daily card with unlimited routes as the best way to use the transports in the city. The cost of this cars did not surpass 5 euro. By arriving at the hotel we arranged our things and we started for the first acquaintance with the city. Some food and a small walk at a square near the hotel completed the first day of this trip. 270_IMG_2101.jpg

DAY TWO An energetic breakfast was the best way to start the second day and shortly before 9 o’clock we started the tour. Our first stop was Budapest’s Parliament which is more than impressive. The main façade overlooks the River Danube, but the official main entrance is from the square on the east side of the building. Inside and outside, there are altogether 242 sculptures on the walls. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to make a tour to the interior area because the planned tours in English were 2 hours later so we had to move on. We continue the exploring and the next stop was the Chain Bridge. The chain bridge is one of the most popular sights because is a suspension bridge that spans the River Danube between Buda and Pest, the western and eastern sides of Budapest. As we continued the sightseeing I told her that it was time to enjoy the amazing view from above, so we went at the hill of Buda Castle. It is very important to remember that there is a funicular which drives you at the top of the castle but it very expensive. So, for those who don’t want to pay (like young people and students like us) there is another option. If you walk some minutes longer you can find an elevator you can take till the top and it is free of charge .The Castle except the museum and the art gallery has many shops where you can find beautiful souvenirs .But the most important is that you can enjoy the amazing view while you taking beautiful pictures. Now is the turn of Fisherman Bastion which is going to be the last monument of this morning tour. The scenery is again more than beautiful and it gives you the opportunity to see the whole city from another aspect .From the top you can see the island of Margarita, the Parliament ,ST Stefan’s Basillica and at the top there is also the church of Matthew. After a few hours of walking we thought that was time to relax in order to have the strength to continue the sightseeing early in the night. The dinner we had was more than delicious and we were happy to eat at a romantic place with good plates and also good prices.90_20160806_142832.jpg
Okay Italia was the name of this restaurant which is the best choice especially for couples. The atmosphere is really very romantic and the light during the night gives you a romantic feeling.

DAY 3 This day started with zoo and then we went at island of Margarita. The entrance to zoo cost 6,5 euro as we had a discount with our European student card and the tour has just started. The zoo is not so big but it is very beautiful and it deserves to spent there some hours (but not a whole day). After we fed the monkeys we went to Margarita’s Island which is located inside Danube River. It is a very calm and full of green island where you can ride a bike, read a book, listen to music and have a picnic under the trees. At this beautiful island there is no cars so we had the chance to rent a bike for two which cost 5 euro for one hour. We had an amazing hour and we laughed hard as riding the bike and exploring the island. Last but not least, we had to climb at the top of Cittadella for the last panoramic photos. After walking and walking and walking and some shortness of breath we reached the top of Cittadella. The whole view rewarded us with the amazing scenery and we were thrilled by the beauty of this rising destination. Our visit to amazing Budapest completed with the best and the most romantic way, a night cruise on the Danube river. During the cruise we enjoy the musicians who were playing violin while we were drinking our cocktail. The Parliament building was illuminated and the beauty of night Budapest indeed travels you. Thank you Budapest for this amazing 3 days. We are in love with you.
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The next day we took the bus to Bratislava which cost was 7 euro, chip enough if we consider the services. This bus belongs to regiojet , the seats were very comfortable as you can see from the photos ,there were screens in front of every seat, welcome coffee and a ‘’bus attendant’’ who was checking if you have fasten your seatbelt.


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After 4 hours we arrived in Bratislava and we went straight to our appartment which was amazing (amazing amazing amazing)and we started the sightseeing again. We saw the centre of the town and we walked through the scenic narrow streets. We are sure that Bratislava is the best place to rest for 1,5 day before you return to your country. We went also to their mall which has many brands at lower prices. The night we had some traditional recipes at a traditional restaurant and as you can see we relaxed a lot after the exhausting program of Budapest. The next, and last morning, we went to the castle were we enjoy the amazing view and we took some pictures and some souvenirs. Then we took the bus to the airport as we returning back to Greece.

It’s very beautiful to me to share these stories with you. A part of me and of my memories become a story to read and I hope you really enjoy it. Budapest and Bratislava are places you should definitely see. I wholeheartedly believe that every destination has its own story.

Thank you for being here.

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24 hours in Rome

semi-overcast 25 °C

Hi to everyone

Hi to everyone

My name is Giannis and I am a university student from Athens. I decided, after many years and thoughts,to become a member of this forum and not just a <<simple visitor>>.So i would like to try impersonate,in the best possible way,not only memories of trips I have made, but also of trips that are already in progress.

The whole idea started during October of 2016, when I noticed that Ryanair had tickets from 15-20 euro to Rome and without many thoughts i took the initiative to inform my company for this amazing offer. So the only question we asked ourselves was: WHY NOT MAKE A ONE DAY-TRIP TO ROME. When we all agreed ,the only thing that we had to do was to organize our daily trip!

The big Day was here. On November 6 2016 we took the morning flight (6:30) from Athens International Airport to ROME .After 2 hours,we Arrived at CIAMPINO airport and we took the bus for the city centre.
At this point,I would like to mention that we prefered to take just the simple urban bus which goes to the nearest metro station (Anagnina) and the ticket price is 1,2 euro instead of the shuttle bus wich ticket costs 5.



Our first stop was the Vatican .After eating a few pieces of pizza from a nice bakery near the area we started strolling around and taking some photos outside st. Peter's Basilica. The entrance to church is free but the queus our big enough and the visitors have to wait for hours. But that day,we were lucky enough and we came to the inside area almost straight.The temple can accommodate 60.000 people and if you want to go up to the dome you have to pay an extra fee..


After this,we followed the path to the castle SAINT ANGEL,where we enjoyed the beautiful and the impressing view of Tiberis while we found the opportunity to drink some espresso and cappucino from a little cafe-kiosk near the plaza CAVOUR.

Furthermore,the subway in Rome is inconvenient because it has a few stations incide the center.
So we decided to walk,since the city is an open museum.After a few hours of walking,we took the metro to Colosseum and there we bought a ticket which includes the Ancient market ,the Palatino and the Colosseum

After the Colosseum,we went to the piazza Venezia and the Parliament where we climbed to the top, giving us the opportunity to take beautiful panoramic photos.Unfortunately the weather was rainy, so we decided to go to a traditional tratorria that they had suggested to us. There we had the opportunity to relax (finalyyyy!!!!!) and also to taste pasta and pasta with cold cuts and cheese but we have to admit that the price wasn't so economic.


It was about 6 o'clock and we had to go to Fontana di Trevi, to Pantheon, to piazza de popolo and we have to cross the via del corso. SO WE HAD TO RUSH!!!! We started from the highest top of piazza Venezia and we met the Pantheon Temple, then the piazza navona and after that we went to Fontana di Trevi where we all threw a coin making a wish. Last but not least we found from trip advisor a place to taste a great Italian ice cream and we continued with the last square we should see in Rome, Piazza de Popolo.

Finally, we took the metro to ANAGNINA stop, following the same route as the previous morning, to the airport. By arriving at the airport we had to spent 2 hours outdoor as the airport remains close from 2 to 4, until we got in. Fortunately the hours passed easily and some of us had the chance to sleep at the departure area.

This amazing excursion was not as brief as it may seemed and that's because we returned full of beautiful experiences and memories from this daily trip.We did so many things in one day, so we all learned how to continuously making miles in nearly 20 hours -even under the rain- and how to sleep in the cold. No matter , what you have to remember that the most important thing is who you travel with and not the destination.


P.S. The total cost of this daily trip did not surpassed 70 € (30€ was the price for the flight ,20€ for the food and other 20€ for the monuments and souvenir)

Don't forget to check the video below .This will give me the boost to continue. Thank you so much for your time. I hope you like my effort and I promise that I 'll be back with another story sooner than soon.

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